Domus Collection

Founded in 2008 by Richard Chang, a collector residing both in New York and Beijing, The Domus Collection presents a new ideal driven by a personal passion for art acquisition during an unprecedented period of international change. Focusing on both Eastern and Western artists, the private collection seeks to establish a cross cultural dialogue as contemporary art is embraced by more and more people worldwide.

The Domus vision looks to build a unique repository of emerging and established contemporary artists to raise new questions about art internationally. By presenting ongoing exhibitions, the collection will continue to explore contemporary trends and practices, and offer new models for engagement.  Domus has instituted a program to work in collaboration with institutions globally to ensure the collection's continued commitment to education and advocacy of the arts.

多姆斯收藏是居住纽约与北京的收藏家张明创办。 他自1997年开始收藏东西方的当代艺术,并于2008年国际风云变化时期推出了私人收藏风潮的全新理念,多姆斯收藏于焉而生。该收藏期盼能建立一个理想化的,跨文化的艺术视域。

多姆斯收藏期望和当代一流和正要崭露头角的艺术家建立一座独一无二的宝库,借此希冀能在国内引领收藏新视域。 通过连续性的展览以及与全球专业的艺术机构合作,多姆斯收藏将持续探索当代艺术潮流与实践,并为公众艺术教育提供新典范。